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  1. Had another fun trip to London Edge last weekend to see what our lovely suppliers have got in store for us for Spring/Summer.

    Here are a few snaps from the fashion shows, we're loving the fun prints, hip-hugging capri's and lovely soft cardi's that are on the way.

    It's also great to see a lot more retro swimwear - high waisted all the way for this girl!  xoxo

  2. Hallowe'en, or All Hallows Eve, may be a combination of all sorts of traditions and celebrations to remember the dead, celebrate the harvest and protect us from mischievous spirits, but it's also a great excuse to dress up!  Whether you're going trick or treating, having a scary movie-fest or just plain partying, you still need to be the best-dressed witch in town!  Hell Bunny are amazing at mixing up 50's style with great horror prints, from Franstein's monster to spiders, cobwebs & bats...  and Banned do some amazing cardigans to keep you warm....

     Freddy thumb4194_sethdress2_1Robyn Dress Thumbcbn302_blk 14104427621407512560CBN-341-BLK-PUR    Why not try sugar skull make-up, or channel your inner Morticia....?

    Sugar skull morticia   And of course any film fest would have to feature the Rocky Horror Picture Show, our 50's style shirt & pencil skirts make a great base for a Magenta outfit - no idea who these Riff Raff are though....   ;-)

    IMG_3803   Have a Happy Hallowe'en!!!